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Thedipaar is an establishment that has been successfully operating since its launch in 2002. It is an establishment founded to integrate the local and international Tamil communities, primarily through our marketing solutions. Initially, Thedipaar commenced as a Tamil information service in which the focus of the company was to provide our customers with any information they requested at hand. Months later, Thedipaar had expanded the procedures of the company with the incorporation of informational magazines, diaries, directories and also a fine printing service. Now, Thedipaar, is a development that offers a diverse collection of marketing tactics for all our clients and prospective clients. We are confident about our marketing solutions as we strongly believe it will accurately and successfully promote our clients’ business to the anticipated or targeted audience. Furthermore, we will offer a satisfying service as we focus to promote our clients’ business profitably by using a faster method to approach your valuable customers. Overall, we guarantee an opportunistic path for our clients’ business that will greatly assist the betterment of their company/business and its development. “We Can’t Spell Success Without U” According to this our growth strategy was increased year by year. From 2012 we successfully release 4 Editions of Directory book. At 2012 we started with 350 Customer now it will increase to 840 Customers. We Hope Next Year it should be Double.

Our company have a following services
Thedipaar Online Business Directory

Thedipaar has an informational website which allows individuals to access daily information/activities such as cinema news, world news, television shows, horoscopes, business directory listing, etc. With the inclusion of such diverse categories and its consistent maintenance, there are over 50,000 viewers daily. As such, this enables a better opportunity for individuals to view our clients’ business webpages during their visit to one or more of these categories. Thedipaar’s online business directory facilitates our client’s company in a successful manner. It will offer viewers the opportunity to search the company details of our prospective clients. As a valued customer, our clients will receive a personal business webpage that will be listed under their private company’s category in our Tamil Source Online Business directory listing. Therefore, viewers will be able to view the following information in reference to the clients’ company: Company Name, Logo and Photograph, Contact Person, Contact Number, Address, Gallery & Slideshows and much more.

Tamil Business Directory

Thedipaar directory is a detailed book that serves as a business directory, which includes the contact information of each of our clients’ and their business. We offer great marketing solutions and advertisements for our clients interested in including their business in the directory. Clients have the option of selecting either a full-colour page or half-colour page advertisements. They are also given the opportunity to be included in a free listing of business companies. This directory is free of charge and it is circulated throughout the GTA. We are one of the first companies to release our directories in the beginning of the year (January). We approximately create and individually distribute a minimum of 20,000 copies per year to the Tamil community. The directory is useful and convenient handbook as it is very light and easy to carry. Individuals are able to use this to their convenience and use it as reference at any given time.

Printing & Distribution

We print all types of business cards, brochures, banners, magazines, letter heads, notepads, and much more. We also distribute flyers to reach our clients’ targeting customers in their specified locations.

About Website Designing

We can create a personal website for our clients’ business with a choice of any customized layouts. The website includes the client’s own domain name, hosting and will also have their personal control panel which will allow them to make any changes to their website at any time.

Callout services

We send a 30 second voice message advertisement to more than 25,000 Tamil households per day, for any occasions such as grand openings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and much more.

About SMS Directory

We are very proud to say that we have a first SMS directory for Canadian Tamil business people. Our Ambition is to hold the world in your hand so that we give all the information like directory search, Astrology, Entertainment,Events,News,etc in TEXT SMS itself. By using our SMS Directory we can able to get any information from anywhere in a Seconds. For Directory search based on the keyword we customize and give our client information like name, service and phone number. Using Our SMS Directory can get latest breaking news, business news. Cinema news, gossip and other stories on your mobile phone itself.


SMS Marketing has become an essential part of a brand’s marketing efforts. When executed properly, SMS marketing can yield impressive results. By using our SMS service can able to send the bulk SMS for the marketing purpose. SMS messaging campaigns are the most familiar form of mobile marketing. We implement and execute an SMS messaging campaign for your brand. For connected with people all over the world so you can make phones ring wherever your users are. No need to maintain lots of carrier connections. Just Use our voice service and connect all over the world.

To attract customers in-store or to entertainment attractions we introduce a Mobile Coupon. It is an electronic coupon delivered to a mobile phone, which can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or service. Mobile Coupons are commonly used in retail stores, as part of sales promotions.

For the Convenient of our customer we offer Appointment Reminder which sends out customizable phone reminders, text message reminders and email reminders to our clients, so that they maintain on time.

Mobile App

Thedipaar also has a mobile app, which makes you comfortable in viewing our websit anywhere anytime with your smart phone. You will be able to acces the whole features of our website in THEDIPAAR mobile app. This allows individuals to access daily information/activities such as cinema news, world news, television shows, horoscopes, business directory listing, etc..., from any part of the world.

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